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Is Life Passing You by Because You’re Too Busy Making a Living?

Maybe you’ve worked at your job for a long time. Maybe you’ve worked at a series of jobs, and you haven’t found the one that inspires you, the one that makes you feel like you’re not working at all. You feel you should be grateful for your blessings, but instead you feel frustrated and unfulfilled. You’re sick of spinning your wheels and going nowhere, sick of living life the hard way, sick of never having time for the important things.

You’re not living the life you want. You’re not living the life of your dreams. But you feel stuck. You have no idea what you want to do with your life, but you know you can’t carry on like this for the rest of your life.

Do any of these things describe you?

  • You’re overwhelmed by everything you have on your plate.
  • Your job keeps you up at night.
  • You have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, and you dread going to work.
  • You’re tired of working for an organization that cares only about what you can do for them, not about you.
  • You can’t seem to find a moment during the day to focus on yourself and your needs.
  • Your life feels out of balance. There isn’t enough time for the people and the things that you love, and you don’t want to live that way.

But life doesn’t have to be this way…

It is possible to live the life you dream of, to do work that you love. But you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve been working in the daily grind for so long that you’ve forgotten the person you used to be, lost sight of the things you love to do. On top of that, you have no idea how to make a living doing what you love. This is where I come in.

Using Valerie Young’s Changing Course Formula©, I help my clients…

  • Recognize what they want
  • Understand what they have
  • Learn how to turn what they have into income
  • Discover who wants what they have
  • Determine how to turn their ideas into action

I’m profiting from my passion, and you can, too. I can help you turn your dream life into reality. If you are interested in finding out whether a consultation with me is right for you, please contact me.

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